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 As you can see from the image , we identify young people (older teenagers), we then work with them in running camps and clinics for younger kids and observe. This is a twofold exercise; it creates something for the younger kids to do (camps or clinics and those that show ability in Baseball will get invited into The Baseball Academy for further development).

At the same time the older youth that are rapidly approaching the job market get up skilled at a personal level. Those that show an aptitude then get moved into the Skills Resource programme. Skills will then offer various career paths to the young people that are filtered through.

Why such a stringent "filtering process you may think", it is simple, once they get to the Skills programme, their tuition and training and placement into a job comes at NO cost to the young person. Clearly we need a high success rate with the people that make it to this level. Once they get to this level and show a willing and great aptitude, Skills will take them into the Skills Staffing section and place them in a job. Our very limited budget will not allow for people up at this level to be "slackers" or free loaders.

However, the people that are in the programme that might not make it all the way through to being placed in a job will have numerous and various courses and training offered to them to get them to a place that they can get into Skills. Courses that will cover;

  • Life Mapping
  • Share life map with their parents
  • Labeling and emotions
  • Life mapping to the future
  • Parents attend again: collective future life map
  • Treat outing to the company gardens and museum

As Well As

  • Coaching fundamentals
  • First Aid
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring (to be one, you need one)