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UCAN is a Baseball Academy initiative that allows you to invest into the lives of young people. With the relationships between USASEF, The Baseball Academy (TBA), Skills Resource Group (SRG) and Ground Level Ministries (GLM), we have the capacity to introduce young people to a life they would not normally be exposed to.

It starts with GLM working the streets in Delft, Blikkiesdorp, Phillippi and Scottsville and introducing the youth to The Baseball Academy. The Baseball Academy hosts a weekend camp for the youth, using baseball as the means to engage and positively affirm them. After that, select youth will be engaged by SRG for further development. Once the youth are in the "programme" GLM's people in the street and living in the areas we are targeting will be the support that the kids invariably will require. 

The identified kids will then also be empowered and nurtured into various leadership positions, both in the TBA and GLM. It is futile to just take the kids on camps and not give them something tangible to strive for. It will be these young leaders that will become the constant conduit between UCAN and the communities.

Currenetly UCAN is in Blikkiesdorp every Saturday night as part of their commitment to Blikkiesdorp spending time with young people there and developing young people in their own "backyard" so to say.