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Currently we are running the following programmes;

  • Saturday night youth programmes
    • Part of the Academy team goes through to Blikkiesdorp and spends time with the young kids - from 8yrs to 14 yrs.
    • We use this programme to identify kids to bring into the next phase, and clearly it is a great way to influence and witness to the young people.
  • Baseball Clinics
    • An afternoon clinic hosted at the Hindle High School. This is more of a skills programme than a baseball programme, but it covers the basics of baseballs.
    • This is the second phase of getting to identify kids for the Skills development phase.
  • Baseball Camps
    • A full weekend camp at our ballpark. Much more focussed on baseball, but also in personal development of the young people.
  • U10 and U12 baseball teams in the local league
    • Due to the tremendous support from The Netherlands, we now have sufficient gloves and equipment to field a team.
    • The team will participate and compete in the local baseball league.
    • The players will be brought to the field and then spend the day at the park, we will feed them lunch and then they will support the seniors at their match in the afternoon. Many of the senior team are the people that run all the programmes with the kids.
  • Young Adults and Teen work - the next phase.
    • We are now also working at a 2nd venue - Grassy Park, a very dangerous and depriaved area. We are working with older teens and young adults in this community. 
    • We have, through sport, been able to keep some young boys out of gangs, and got some others back into school. We have a team that is competing in the local league (Promotion League - one below the Major League). We are only in 6th spot and will probably end up there, but that is two spots better than they did last year. 
    • We are also building a team of young men that will help us develop younger kids in the future. This is a very exciting programme and has us in Grassy Park 3 times a week.
  • Skills development